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Santa Chiara

The construction of the church dates back to the end of the seventeenth century, when the first stones were also laid of the adjacent building, which was the first hospital, the convent of the nuns of Maria Maddalena and Santa Chiara in the early eighteenth century, until it became, in the twentieth century, the Domenico Ridola National Museum. Above the portal there is a niche with the Madonna del Carmine. Above the large central rear window, a blessing God is depicted, enclosed in a niche.

The facade is very simple and has four pilasters with Corinthian capitals and a potal with two half-columns with the sculptures of two saints on the sides, inside niches. The friezes and decorations are remarkable. The interior has a single nave and has a triumphal pointed arch at the bottom. Along the side walls there are numerous eighteenth-century wooden altars.

On the main altar, a canvas depicts the Madonna degli Angeli which grants plenary indulgence to St. Francis. On the sides, in addition to the Saint of Assisi, there is also Santa Chiara. The work is eighteenth-century and the visit of the church will naturally also concern the very interesting collection of the National Museum D. Ridola.

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