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Lucania Film Festival

International review of short film that takes place during the mid-August period in Pisticci.

The festival is organized and promoted by the Allelammie Cultural Association.

Lucania Film Festival is an event that has acquired an international level and is part of a furrow of profound cultural innovation.

The Lucania Film Festival was born, lives and is transformed in the historic center of Pisticci and especially in the “Dirupo” district, the place where Allelammie took his first steps.

The Lucania Film Festival is the first international film festival born in Basilicata. In its 14 years of history, the LFF has grown enormously, deserving an important artistic and social position in the international scenario of short film festivals. Festival of “people and places”, the LFF manages to create a familiar atmosphere among the public and professionals who come from all over the world to the open-air cinemas of Pisticci and other Lucanian towns. The LFF, which stands out for the importance of the numbers and for the excellent quality of the thousands of cinematographic works of international origin, is a project of promotion, diffusion, cinematographic training, which intends to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of the audiovisual. Through it, it intends to trigger, in a long-term perspective, all possible synergies present in the community, contributing to creating socio-economic opportunities in the area and at the same time promoting cinematographic culture. The Festival, therefore, is a project that aims to spread the use and knowledge of short films and documentaries, not only during the event, scheduled every year in August in Pisticci, but also in places and periods of the year different using the networks, made up of other festivals and reviews (national and international) in which the LFF participates or of which it is the promoter.

The LFF, as the brand says, is a festival of “people” and places, a festival of the community that makes possible and promotes the involvement of all. The squares, the terraces, the alleys, the evocative places of the medieval historic center of Pisticci (churches, castle, historic buildings), or the open-air cinemas where the LFF is held, contribute to creating a unique and ” familiar ”, which is considered one of the main elements of originality and therefore the trait that positively distinguishes the LFF from other national and international festivals. This atmosphere is made up of a series of highly evoked elements including the ease of “access”, the proximity to directors and actors, the high attendance of young people and children. This gives the LFF a popular and didactic function, which manages to bring even an audience of non-professionals closer (see for example the film laboratories created with the world of schools and training workshops). The LFF therefore appears as a unique opportunity to broaden cultural horizons for the local community and to contact with other worlds and cultures, even distant ones, both through film events and, more directly, through meetings with their protagonists (directors, actors, various artists). The LFF thus appears to its users as an experience of full well-being, as it offers the possibility of spending a cultural stay in an area capable of providing a very rich tourist offer (cultural event, food and wine, art, history, leisure, environment and territory). Finally, also for its originality in terms of shapes and contents, the Festival becomes an attraction for cine-tourists (as demonstrated by LFF Location/Cineturismo) and visitors from other areas, not only of the Basilicata Region but also and above all from other Italian regions and from foreign countries.

One of the future objectives of the LFF is to increase the attendance of guests, not only on the days of the event, but throughout the year, thanks to the many activities that take place inside the LFF container: film training in schools, hospitals, prisons; self-financed cinema courses, but also trans-disciplinary promotion projects: cinema and literature, cinema and food, cinema and cultural marketing, etc. The LFF represents a successful synthesis of two of the sectors in strong growth in Basilicata, namely cultural tourism and, above all, cinema as an industry with great development opportunities and booming in the region. The event performs a work of undoubted strengthening and consolidation of the cine-tourist demand present in the area thanks to the quality of the cinematographic and cultural offer in general; the originality for the characterization of the event within the network of international film festivals: design, content, location (historic center, rural landscapes, hospitals, schools, prisons) and, above all, ways of interacting with the community in a social, environmental and economic sustainability perspective; typical in that the LFF reflects and enhances the local identity, character and culture.

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