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It is a small building belonging to the Knights of Malta, dating back to 1680. Beautiful bell tower with a flat tower with, in the center, the coats of arms of the Gerosolomitan Knights and the Zurla family.
It has a single nave. On the door there is a colored terracotta bas-relief of a Madonna and Child, by an unknown author. Following the works of 1993, the underlying church of the Holy Spirit was brought to light, with frescoes, including that of Santa Sofia, from the thirteenth century. It is a rare example of the settlement of the Benedictine monks present on the Plan. The era of its origin is unknown, although some transformations can be seen from some documents ranging from the year 1000 to 1600.
It has four naves, from which you enter the Sasso Barisano, on via Fiorentini. natural conclusion of a guided tour in the Sassi districts.