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Food and Wine Routes


A journey through flavors

In this section, always enriched with content, you will find suggestions and ideas for a stay in Matera in the name of local food and wine to discover the many flavors of our territory through a rich selection. From the most typical restaurants to farmhouses and taverns.

Osteria del Casale

Warm and welcoming, dedicated to the flavors of the Lucanian tradition and good pizza, Osteria del Casale was born from the desire to enhance the flavors and products of Matera’s food and wine in particular and Lucanian and southern in general. At the base there is the long experience of Fabio Paolicelli, chef and cook with a deep knowledge of products and flavors that he knows how to combine and enhance with innovative solutions and combinations but always linked to the Lucanian culinary tradition.

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La Vigna del mare

In the heart of the historic center of Matera, there is the Osteria La Vigna del Mare restaurant. A friendly and very welcoming environment, enhanced by simple and elegant furnishings at the same time. The atmosphere that reigns inside the restaurant is peaceful and relaxed. In the kitchen of the structure only fresh and genuine ingredients are used, to guarantee the service of high quality courses. The menu offers the possibility to order delicious Mediterranean specialties, with a certain prevalence of fish dishes.

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Ristorante Nadì

The kitchen of the Nadì Restaurant offers traditional Matera and Lucanian dishes with a particular preference in the latter for grilled meats. The products and raw materials used in this restaurant are Lucani; cured meats, cheeses, pasta, all local artisan products. The meats chosen from local farms are those of the tradition, of Podolica cow, lamb, kid and fresh pork, in the wake of the long local tradition.

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